Death Doulas and the Art of Living and Dying

Documentary | Ongoing

This film project aims to redefine death and the dying process through the exploration of the long-overlooked historical roots and resurging role of death doulas in the US.  The film team takes a care-focused approach, mirroring the framework death doulas practice in their work each day.

Squeaky Wheels

Podcast | Ongoing

Squeaky Wheels explores the lives of people who use their voices, skills, and passions to create change. Through the lens of arts, culture, and community development, this podcast will dive deep into the stories of individuals who identify as “squeaky wheels” within their organizations, and who are committed to making a positive impact in the world. The podcast is co-hosted by Mina Kim and Danielle Amodeo, and produced by Jocelyn Edens.

Public Service

Photography Project | Ongoing

Libraries are important institutions in our society, providing access to knowledge and essential services to the community. This photo and interview project dives into the physical structures of libraries, exploring how their architectural design reflects the functions they serve. By capturing the unique design of each library, this project captures the importance of libraries in our lives and their roles in the community.

Finding the Words: The Story of Voices from Inside

Documentary | Completed

Can poetry change lives? “Finding the Words: The Story of Voices from Inside” is a documentary about the impact writing & community have on incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women, as well as women in recovery in Western Massachusetts. The documentary premiered on January 28, 2023 in the Academy of Music in Northampton, MA.